About Us

Our History

Our name is a nod to our education system and the one-room community school that was located nearby until the 1950s. That school was attended by Alberta's Dad and actually started by her Great Grandfather. He canvased the neighbourhood for kids, lobbied the provincial government, donated the land and helped build it. In 2016, we began transforming a small cattle pasture into a market garden. In 2017, we planted an 800 tree shelterbelt and grew our first vegetables for CSA members. 


Land Acknowledgment

We would like to recognize that Cochrane, Calgary, our farms, and the homes of most of our clients lie within Treaty 7 and Mtis Region 3 territory, which includes traditional lands used by the Îethka (or Stoney Nakoda), the Tsuut'ina, and the Siksika (or Blackfoot) Indigenous People, as well as the Mtis Nation. For millennia this area has been their home and a place of hunting, gathering, harmony, balance, and commerce, so we begin with an acknowledgement of those that came before us, who were deceived, marginalized, confined, and in many cases starved, abducted from their families, and abused both for speaking their own languages, and for practicing their peaceful cultural traditions. 


One of the final statements made in Treaty 7 is that: "all the aforesaid articles [are given] for the encouragement of the practice of agriculture among the [Indigenous Peoples]." Corey's work with First Nations languages has led him to believe that our local First Nations were already practicing forms of agriculture that were well-suited to the soil and climate of this region. They carefully managed the bison, moose, elk, deer and other big game that thrive here, and they also grew tobacco and intentionally propagated herbs and edible plants in locations that suited their growing conditions. As multi-generational farmers and gardeners growing food in this region, we recognize and strive to establish highly sustainable agricultural practices like those of the First Peoples of this area.


Organic Master Gardeners

We garden using organic methods - that is, we don't use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We trained as certified Master Organic Gardeners through the Stony Plain Heritage Agricultural Society, the Gaia College and the Society of Organic Urban Landcare. 


Can we visit?

By invitation only. Follow us on social media for regular updates and pictures throughout the season.