Know your farmer

We are a Community Supported Agrictulture business or CSA that links our members directly to their food and farmers (Alberta & Corey telfer).  We do nearly everything by hand in a no-spray environment based on our training as Master Organic Gardeners.  


How does your CSA work?

Members pre-pay in the spring, which allows us to buy our seeds. You check off what vegetables you want from our grow list. Together we share in the risks and rewards inherint with growing vegetables in the foothills of the rocky mountains. We harvest and deliver the same day to pickup locations in Cochrane, NW Calgary and to your door for an extra fee. Members also receive a weekly email with farm updates and recipes, and they are invited to help at the farm with our annual rock picking party and fall harvest events.


Want Extras?

In 2020 we are also selling 25' rows of potatoes, carrots and beets for harvest in September.


What do we grow?

We grow over 25 different vegetables or herbs that are suited for our climate and soil. We choose unique and heirloom varieties that you won't necessarily find in your local grocery store. All boxes receive at least 4-5 different items each week, increasing as different crops mature. We partner with our friends at Hive and Harvest who provide greenhouse produce and pollination services for our farm.


Following is our 2020 production schedule. This year, we are scaling down to a monthly delivery option


Delivery 1 - July 5 (TBC)
Lettuce - 250g; Spinach - 250g; Swiss Chard - 250g; Beet greens - 100g; Cilantro - bunch; Onions - 4; Radishes - Bunch; Herbs - assorted
(extra leafy greens available for those that want more at pickup)
Delivery 2 - August 9 (TBC)
Summer Squash - 1-2; Carrots - bunch; Potatoes - 2.5lbs; Peas - 1lb; Beans - 1lb
Beets - bunch; Herbs - Assorted; Swiss Chard - bunch; Onions - 2
Delivery 3 - September 13 (TBC)

Lettuce; Carrots - 1lb; Potatoes - 2.5lbs; Flowers - (1 bouquet this season); Tea - loose; Hubbard Squash - 1; Fresh herb - assorted; Tomatoes - 1lb; Garlic - 2-3 bulbs
Onions - 2
Delivery 4 - October 4 (TBC)
Kale (or other leafy green) - bunch; Carrots - 1lb; Rutabaga - 1-2; Parsnips - 3-5;
Pumpkin -  1-2; Potatoes - 5lbs; Beets - 1lb; Parsley - bunch; Onions - 5

Sign up for our 2020 season will open to the public in March.



Members must fill in our sign up form and provide a $50 deposit to hold a spot. We send you an invoice for the balance, which is due after the first delivery. We accept e-transfer and cheque.



By joining, members understand that they are sharing in the risks every farmer faces and that quantity, quality and duration of season may vary due to unpredictable weather and pests. We communicate with members regularly so they are aware of any challenges.


Picking Up Shares

Pickup locations and times are circulated in May and are determined based on member feedback (typically on Sunday or Monday evenings in Cochrane and near Market Mall). Members are responsible for picking up their share each week and washing vegetables before eating. If you cannot pick up your subscription and advise us in advance, we can double the amount of produce in your next pickup. You can also send a friend to pick up your share.

Contact Details

Summit Hill Farm

Cochrane, Alberta

Phone: 587-716-3993

What's Fresh?

Since we feature only the freshest produce, our selection changes from week-to-week during our June-September growing season. Follow us on instagram for the latest updates.

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