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Summit Hill Farm is hiring 2 summer students!! One starts in May, the other in August. Are you interested in growing vegetables, gardening, learning about local food? Interested candidates must be returning to school in Fall 2021, able to provide own transporation and demonstrate respect for current Covid-19 guidelines.


To apply, please send an email to info@summithillfarm.ca with cover letter and resume introducing yourself, indicating the job title of the position you are applying for. Tell us what you hope to learn working on the farm, and how it applies to your studies. Tell us what your favorite vegetable is too! Applicants for the field labour position may alternatively send a video introduction of themselves.

Job Title: Market Gardener

Hourly Wage Rate: $21.25

Starting May 15th, 2021 - October. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Number of Hours per Week: 15-24



Student will be responsible for completing a number of gardening related tasks, which will help them gain valuable client service, teamwork, communication and problem solving skills under supervision of the owner, with informal mentoring opportunities provided. This position is suited for someone pursuing a diploma, degree or related post secondary studies in horticulture. The successful candidate should have prior work experience in this field. They will receive in person supervision and training during their first week of employment from the owners, who are trained as master organic gardeners, with supervision, mentoring and task specific training provided by other team members throughout the term.




  • Teamwork & Communication
  • Leadership & Client Service
  • Digital Skills: Student will be required to write one client newsletter, introducing themselves, what they have learned/hope to learn during the term and how it applies to their studies. Through this process, they will have the opportunity to reflect on linkages between work and school, and further develop writing skills.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Must demonstrate flexibility to work in a variety of weather conditions or undertake alternative indoor tasks if the weather is poor.


Job Title: Field and Vegetable Crop Labourer

Hourly Wage Rate: $15.00

Number of Weeks: 8 (August and September)

Number of Hours per Week: 12.00 (Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday)


This position is to specifically help twice per week with our busy harvest days. This position is geared for a first job experience, providing the student with ample supervision, while helping develop skills needed for future positions, and encouraging curiosity and love for horticulture. The ideal candidate will have an interest in horticulture, the outdoors and a high attention to detail.


The student will be tasked with using gardening tools to harvest, sort, wash, weigh and package fresh vegetables for our clients. Depending on the capacities of this student, they may be given only one of the above tasks for one particular vegetable, until they are able to master the task (e.g. Harvesting onions, cleaning and trimming the roots, sorting for blemishes, bunching them and packaging them into client bags). The work is physically demanding, and student must be proactive in indicating any discomfort, using time efficiently while walking relatively large distances from field to wash and packing station.







Digital Skills



Priority for the field and vegetable labourer position will be given to youth who self-identify in one of the following groups:

Developmental Disability

New immigrant / refugee youth (new is defined as having arrived in Canada in the past 5 years)

Indigenous youth

youth who have not completed high school

Visible minorities / racialized youth

LGBTQ2 youth

and for whom this would be their first job.

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Summit Hill Farm

Cochrane, Alberta

Phone: 587-716-3993

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