In June 2017, we planted over 800 trees as part of a three row shelter belt, designed to reduce soil erosion, provide habitat for resident wildlife and eventually berries and fruit for our members.




The shelter belt was designed and planted in consultation with the Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society. Students from SAIT also assisted with this project by creating an elevation map of our four acre garden, which helps us with long-term planning and understanding the countours of the land with percision.




Would you like to honor a loved one by adopting a tree in our shelter belt? We have the following trees/shrubs still available for adoption:

  • Haskap,
  • Gooseberry,
  • Currant,
  • Saskatoon, 
  • Canada Buffaloberry, 
  • Seabuckthorn,
  • Lilac, and
  • Manitoba Maple. 

For a $50 adoption fee, we will write a customized message on a copper tree tag and provide a photograph of the tree. The adoptions help us offset the cost of planting and caring for the trees over their lifespan and they can be a beautiful way to honor a loved one. E-mail: to adopt your tree.


Many of our 800 trees were adopted through a Kickstarter campaign. 


Summit Hill Farm: Founding Shelter Belt Supporters

Anonymous, Dan T, Ania T, Beaupre Family, Barbara Harasym, Sarah Colwell, Carina B, Paczkowski Family, Jami and Danny Senter, Julie S, Carole & Dylan Charlton, Jo Louie, Amir & Noemi Taller, Brittany A, June CC Hendrix-Sun, Hardock Family, Robert Roulund, Jacob Marchel, Debbie Ross, Kevin G, Michelle Burke, The Gould Family, Amanda C, Kelly Burke, Emily & Ewan, Duncan H, Hardock Family, Victoria Laine, Vicki M, Ashley Godbehere, Luc H, MintNirnroots, Doug MacNearney and Marie-Eve Lenghan, Markus Jobstl, Susanne McCaffery, Mark Hebert & Angela Rout & Family, Barbara & Bryan Francis, Chantal & Jon, Bonnie U, Christina O, Audrey B, On behalf of Hal & Liat, Stuart & Nadine Lloyd. 


Walter & Wendy, who made the whole project possible.

Adopt a Tree